Hi Queen! I'm Amber

...and I love helping passionate lash artists take their skills and businesses to new levels and become the sought-after Lash Queens they deserve to be!


I am a Luxury Lash Artist, Lash Master & Educator who helps frustrated and struggling lash artists hone their lash skills and build Lash Queen confidence to help elevate their lash knowledge and business.


I began to pursue a lash career in late 2014 and immediately found myself falling in love with the industry. I quickly built up my clientele and started gaining confidence in the skills I had learned in my 3-day certification. It didn't take long for me to realize I was missing information, key components about the lash business and the art of lashing that I didn't learn in my certification. When I would reach out to other, more experienced lash artists for help, I was met with cold and icy responses - these lash 'sisters' were very cagey about giving away information.






I decided to  enroll in another lash certification - almost DOUBLE what I had originally paid. But I still found the essential fundamentals were missing - I had more questions than before I started the course. I decided to pursue the art of volume (maybe I would get more answers after learning a more expert technique) and ended up paying of $2000 for a one day course that again left me with more questions. After about a year of lashing, three certifications under my belt and lots of money spent, I was still frustrated about the lack of lash basics and fundamentals missing from each course, as well as the absence of a supportive community and continued mentorship for newly certified artists to become the skillful and sought-after business owners they desire to be. I decided to begin researching on my own about techniques, tools, procedures and practices in the lash industry that are instrumental in making a lash artist successful, but are not commonly taught in typical one- or two-day lash courses. I wanted to know everything about this industry. 

It has been 6 years since I began my journey. I am an expert in volume, retention and natural lash health, I've since created my own coveted lash curriculum for classic and volume training, focusing on lash foundations to ensure my students leave armed with the tools and knowledge to be confident in their lash business. I have successfully launched several coaching programs for lash artists to up-level their skills, fill in the gaps that were missing from run-of-the-mill certifications and have helped thousands of women around the globe become in-demand Lash Queens!  I continue to maintain a full-time lash clientele and am constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills and sharing those skills with my audience because I'm passionate about uplifting and raising the educational standards in the lash community.

Lashes are my passion and I am so humbled to be able to be doing something I love. The feedback and love from the artists I've been able to help has been nothing short of inspiring. It took me a lot of years to get to where I am, and I do not want another lash entrepreneur to feel as disheartened and stuck as I was. I've poured all my love and passion into this industry and I am so excited to be apart of your exciting lash journey! 

All my love,

A little about me...

I was determined to succeed!

I have made it my mission to help Lash Queens be confident in their skills